Miniland 4 years and up

The Miniland is a safe, secluded area for beginner kids and all those who want to try to slide on the snow for the first time. When the kids are secure on skis and able to do the first moves, they will move to the Kinderland.

Reductions for big families!

We offer:

  • EXCLUSIVE kids' area!
  • fenced and safe
  • with set slalom courses, wave tracks
  • Slalom bows & ropes
  • BIG Family Slopestyle course.
Sunday and Monday | 10 am - midday price
1 half day 65,00 €


Playing in the snow is fun, even without skis. And when the wind is howling, it is often nice to be indoors. In the Big family Kindergarten, kids as young as three can paint and do handicrafts, or take an afternoon nap after eating.

daily | 9.30 am - 3 pmPrice
1/2 day (9.30-12.00 or 12.30-15.00)44,00 €
1 day74,00 €
2 days148,00 €
lunch14,00 €
Registration: +43 5226 8108