New website for a new ski season

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to ski down to the valley on your skis now? Or enjoy the breath-taking snow panorama while going up to the summit with the chairlift? Rather not? Are you still in a summer mood and are not yet motivated for a ski adventure? Then have a look at our brand-new website which was professionally realised by Waldhart Software from Pfaffenhofen. The new website will put you in the right mood for the ski season.

At the end of last winter we decided to completely modernise our website.

The first thing we did was draw up a structured page setup in order to facilitate the web experience for our users.

In the header of each page there are captivating pictures of our ski resort so you get into the mood of skiing when clicking through our website. Furthermore, small animations have been placed throughout the website.

With regard to the layout of the single pages, the focus lies on a clear and appealing presentation of contents to make surfing our website as comfortable as possible. Therefore, content boxes with suitable pictures have been used, and tables, folding boxes and tab elements were inserted for a tidy look.

Furthermore, this is a full-responsive website, which automatically adapts contents to the screen size for a perfect view at all times.

Even if it is still a while until the start of the new season, have a look at our new website . It’s definitely worth it!

The team of the
Neustift Ski School

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