A sense of snow

Ski lessons for the local kids

Austrian kids are born with skis on their feet. But it never hurts to get some fine tuning early on.

That’s why every year our ski school offers a special ski school-weekend for our local kids.This time we met at Krössbach, a small hill in the valley. The slope got fresh snow just in time for our lessons. After just two days, the 3 and 4 year old beginners were able to ski down the whole slope. And the older kids went to the Elfer and Milders ski area to tackle the steeper runs.

Hot chocolate and a delicious lunch at the Skialm helped to refuel after playing in the snow. Cold temperatures and snowfall couldn’t slow our little skiers down.

The race at the end was great fun and everybody was able to show their new skills to the proud parents. After this successful weekend we are hoping to welcome even more “little ski talents” next year.

The team of the
Neustift Ski School

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